Filter RC series

Filter RC series

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Product details

RC201 Dust Filter
RC202 Chemical Filter: for organic vapors, mists and fumes of low toxicity 
RC203 Chemical Filter : for spray painting and organic vapors of low toxicity
RC205 Chemical Filter : for acid gases of low toxicity
RC206 Chemical Filter : for organic, inorganic vapors and acid gases of low toxicity
RC209 Chemical Filter : for agricultural sprays

  • Veno
  • Uvex
  • Steel bule
  • Rw
  • Regeltex
  • Nomex
  • Newtex
  • Nederman
  • Msa
  • Krusher
  • Ansell splash
  • Kcl
  • Intespiro
  • Haws
  • Camp safety
  • 3m