Koken VITUS3-A

Koken VITUS3-A

Mã sản phẩm: Koken VITUS3-A
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VITUS3-A (Automatic Pressure Demand)
Self-contained Air Mask with automatic pressure demand regulator provides a high flow rate of air to meet the wearer's breathing demands at emergency and long duration work.


- Operation Mode : Pressure Demand (Automatic)

- Facepiece: Full Facepiece with nose cup

- Air Supply: 2 stages

- Warning Device: Whistle

- High Pressure Air Cylinder

+ Maximum Charging Pressure: 14.7MPa

+ Cylinder Capacity: 8.4liter

- Duration* : Approx. 21 - 63 min

- Weight (Full Cylinder): Approx. 9.7kg

* Durations vary depending on the physical and mental factors, type of work, and filled pressure of cylinder and so on.

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