Koken VITUS843THP-2

Koken VITUS843THP-2

Mã sản phẩm: Koken VITUS843THP-2
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VITUS843THP-2 (Pressure Demand) , Anti-Electrostatic Feature
It minimizes the level of build-up static electricity, which can ignite inflammable substances.
The unit is designed to discharge build-up static electricity from human body through facepiece, followed by breathing hose and antistatic shoes to the ground.

This model is highly recommended for the use in the places where anti-electrostatic countermeasure is required and where explosive substances are stored.
Antistatic finishing works are applied to its plastic and rubber materials.
Rubber covers are applied on metal material to prevent sparks caused by electrostatic discharge and impacts.


- Operation Mode: Pressure Demand

- Air Supply: 2 stages

- Warning Device: Whistle

- Maximum Charging Pressure: 14.7MPa

- Weight (Full Cylinder): Approx. 10.0kg

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