MSA - Altair 5X - Máy dò 5 khí

MSA - Altair 5X - Máy dò 5 khí

Mã sản phẩm: MSA - Altair 5X - Máy dò 5 khí
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The ALTAIR 5X can measure up to six gases simultaneously and can be fitted with a wide range of both toxic and infra-red sensors, providing the flexibility required to meet most applications.
At the heart of the ALTAIR 5X are MSA’s XCell sensors, now with an extended range covering SO2, Cl2, and NH3. Superior stability, accuracy, repeatability, fast response and longevity characterize the new MSA XCell sensors.

Features & Benefits

MSA XCell Sensors


  • New exotic SO2, Cl2, and NH3 sensors for expanded monitoring applications
  • Sensor response and clear times under 15 seconds for most common sensor configurations
  • Bump test in less than 15 seconds for most common sensor configurations
  • Span calibration time of 60 seconds for most common sensor configurations
  • Greater signal stability and repeatability under changing or extreme environmental conditions
  • All XCell Sensors are capable of plug-and-play capabilities for easy reconfiguration
  • Typical life greater than four years for combustible, O2, and CO/H2S sensors
  • Proprietary operating mode of the combustible sensor helps it stand up to poisons over the life of the sensor
  • End-of-sensor-life warning gives advanced notice to user, reducing service outage

MotionAlert feature

Triggers an alarm if the user remains motionless for 20 seconds, indicating possible "man down"

InstantAlert feature

Allows users to manually activate all alarms to alert others to a potentially hazardous situation

Triple alarm system

Clear visual, audible and vibration alarm notification

Large LCD

Clear, easy and concise readings at a glance

24 hour bump-test checkmark

Confirms the detector recently passed a gas response check

Rugged rubberised housing

Withstands 3 m drop

IP R65 rated by third party

Resists water and dust ingress

Li-polymer battery

Optimum usage time (18 hrs) with minimum charging time means you can buy fewer instruments to cover long shifts

Glow-in-the-dark case (optional)

Allows high visibility, increasing the safety at confined spaces, mining and other dark environments

QuickCheck Test Station compatible

Allows automatic bump testing of unit with a simple PASS or FAIL indication, helping to reduce human error. All test records are stored and can be retrieved as needed using MSA Link Software

MSA Link Software-compatible

When connected to MSA Link Software, all stored records can be accessed. Print capability for calibration reports, alarm set point changes etc. is offered in multiple languages

Event log/data log

Records up to 500 events for a quick overview of calibration records and alarms. If more details are required, a full data log can be assessed

Ergonomic design with large rubberised buttons

Ensures easy operation, even with gloves

MSA XCell Sensors


  • Lower cost of ownership due to less gas required (faster calibration and bump check times) and longer sensor life
  • 3-year standard warranty (up to 4 years, optional

GALAXY System compatible

Allows for automatic testing, calibration, and recordkeeping for up to 10 units simultaneously, helping to reduce human error

Auto calibration

Saves time and calibration gas by calibrating all sensors simultaneously

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